Our bags are made of 100% virgin polyethylene with
food grade, according to ISO EU 10/2011

Since 1995 plastizip manufactures hermetic bags, zip lock, zip, resealables.etc ... There are many ways to name these bags destined to be reused, due to their great capacity to support continuous opening , keeping products fresher, and helping maintain easily ordered all your products.

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Stock bags

bolsas stock stock bags

LDPE bag transparent, sealable, excellent for packaging all kinds of products, metal, plastic, food, etc.
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Printed bags

bolsas impresas Printed bags

As manufacturers we can customize your bags with your logo, with up to 5 inks, in a record time, to look and stay your brand in the consumer's mind.

Freezer bags

bolsas congelados Freezer bags

With Plastizip bags may freeze your food properly, in a totally hygienic and safe way, protecting food from excess cold.

Biodegradable bags

 bolsas biodegradables Biodegradable bags

Committed to the environment, Plastizip offers a range of biodegradable bags. Protect the environment by reducing the time it takes to decompose the plastic.
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Bags with hanger

bolsas percha Bags with hanger

The hangers that Plastizip offer ensure you optimum presentation of your products in your shelf space, do not hesitate to consult.

Bags with a handle

bolsas asa Bags with a handle

These bags are a great advertising tool besides serving for transport and packaging of your products.
Their excellent quality / price / image makes them be among the favorites of fashion manufacturers.

Bags with European hole

bolsas taladro Bags with European hole

At the top or below the zip is a European hole for suspension. In permanent stock we have 100x150 and 110x320 190 gauge.
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Antistatic bags

bolsas antiestatica Antistatic bags

All our bags can be supplied with an antistatic additive that will allow you to remove static charges with a surface resistance of 1010 a 1011 ohm, consult for other values.
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Coloured bags

bolsas colores Colored bags

Do more fun packaging.
Not only can we add different coloured zip, but we can also add a touch of colour to the whole package.

Maximum protection bags

bolsas maximaproteccion Maximum protection bags

Opaque black bags ensure the highest protection and confidentiality.
With UV filters.
Consult for other colours.

We will be delighted to hear your suggestions to manufacture products made to measure.
As manufacturers you can have your bags completely customized in record time.

If you want more information please contact us.