Biodegradable bags

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Plastizip offers plastic recyclable and biodegradable bags, thanks to an innovative technology.



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In the past polymers were not considered biodegradable until the British company, Symphony Environmental Limited, developed a practical, innovative and safe environmental solution to the problem of millions of tons of plastic waste in the world.
The final product retains all the dynamic qualities of conventional plastics.
And is 100% biodegradable!

What is d2w®?

logo biodegradabled2w® and the internationally known drop logo are trademarks used to identify a variety of semi-rigid, flexible and fully degradable plastics.
When into included in the usual manufacturing process, then cause the complete decomposition of the plastic, into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of biomass.


How does it work?

The characteristic degradation is initiated at the time of extrusion of the polyethylene through the incorporation of a small amount of a particular additive. Such additive operates through the decomposition of carbon-carbon backbonds in the plastic, which leads to a decrease in molecular weight and, ultimately, loss of strength and other properties.
Stabilizers are used to guarantee a useful life for each specific application. For example, a waste bag may require a lifetime of 18 months before losing strength, while a pack of bread may need just a few weeks.


It is significantly important that d2w ® technology products do not need a biologically active environment to start degrading. The degradation will occur whether the plastic is recycled incorrectly if left outdoors! This is very important as the solution to the garbage, consisting of plastic waste discarded improperly.
For this particular reason, the "totally degradable" d2w ® plastic is superior to "biodegradable", which requires that the plastic is in a biologically active environment (eg, buried in the ground) to start the process of degradation .