Eco – commitment
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Reuse, reduce, recycle

Our manufacturing systems comply with all the legal rules of optimization of energy resources, use of raw materials and waste management.

We renew our social commitment everyday by developing our business in ways that respect the environment.

In our desire to advance in the protection of the environment, we also demand from our suppliers an adequate commitment to nature and the sustainable environment, and as proof of this we have received the Certificate of supply of electrical energy of 100% renewable origin, certified by our electricity supplier and by the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission), which guarantees that the energy we use is generated only from trusted sources and supplied in a transparent manner.

Anticipating the demands of our customers, who were increasingly sensitive to issues of sustainable development, Plastizip developed several environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

We believe that environmental sustainability is essential to survival, development and growth of the company and for the biodiversity of the planet we inhabit, the minimization of environmental impacts is a fundamental part of our strategic objectives.

To clarify the benefits of packaging alternatives with flexible seal compared to rigid ones, we ask our R & D department to conduct life cycle inventories for our commodities. Research confirms that flexible packaging with zip emit far fewer greenhouse gases, reduce solid waste, and improves the product-packaging.

The zip bag is a very flexible and lightweight solution, produced with smaller amount of plastics – up to 80% reduction in consumption of raw materials compared to rigid containers.
The ultimate goal is to provide the best packaging with the least impact on the environment

This ambitious goal has required a lot of hard work.

Informing our customers of a wide range of new products from sustainable sources. Zip bags and profiles made of materials of vegetable origin, such as corn starch (PLA) or vegetable oils.

Marketing campaign on the efficient use of transport, marketing products concentrates in water soluble bags are a clear example of transport efficiency, and if these are packed in a Ziploc bag to prevent moisture, efficiency is further enhanced by a flexible container which allows use space more efficiently (more containers in a single pallet).

Gradually reduce the use of raw materials from unsustainable sources, thanks to an innovative technology can make the final product retains all the qualities of conventional plastics maintaining 100% degradability.

Save water, water consumption has been greatly reduced with the installation of a recovery systems, and all without the need for chemicals.

The reuse of waste production.

Internal recycling: plastic waste is integrated to use again in the manufacturing process.
External recycling: waste is recycled and turned into other products such as garbage bags, pallets, plastic furniture ...

To help our customers improve their own sustainability efforts, since 2005 Plastizip offers Reels Recycling Service that ensures proper zip containers recycling. Contact Plastizip for more information on how your company can participate.