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Catalog of zip profiles

We have a wide range of zips in stock however our design department is puts at your disposal to manufacture a product made to measure of your needs.
Mono-material zip
A good profile redesign process makes a single-material product possible, where the use of a single polymer greatly increases the quality of the post-consumer recycled material obtained.
Available in different widths, materials, colours and opening force.
Powder-able zip
Plastizip has a single profile solution that has been designed to repel dust and provide it with an escape route. The zipper can still work even when it is covered in powder.
asymmetric zip
This profile has been designed to prevent internal opening, allowing easy external opening.
Available in different colors and opening force.
No Flanges zip
Ideal for forming light containers, designed for bag production lines.
Available in different colors, materials and opening force.
High adhesión Zip
It has been designed to maximize production, it allows welding to multiple materials PE, PP…
Available in different colours, materials and opening forces.

Zip green

In order to give it a new life as many times as possible, we offer solutions with a high percentage of recycled raw material.

Through polymers of vegetable origin we design biodegradable profiles. These containers in certain conditions of temperature, humidity and with the necessary microorganisms are transformed into compost or organic fertilizer, thus managing to integrate these resources back into nature.
All our profiles are produced in Spain and are available in a monomaterial version, in order to guarantee a 100% recyclable system, in accordance with the European circular economy roadmap.