Why Plastizip?


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Versatile company that guarantees fast service. Expeditions are made every day.

Very competitive prices.

Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001 and BRC certification

Environmentally-conscious we offer ecological and sustainable products.

Zip Profile Designers. Our design department develops all kinds of zip profiles tailored to the needs of our customers, we continually develop and improve our catalog so you can be sure that we offer you the most advanced profiles.

Support department available to customers. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer your questions, with the security that our long experience in the zip profiles sector gives us.

Human team. Plastizip values the experience and involvement of its employees, which is why it motivates them and makes them participate in the improvement and innovation processes, which makes them feel proud of belonging to a great brand.

At Plastizip we work to make closure solutions more accessible, at the lowest price, with the same quality and services as always.