How to implement

One of the main advantages of working with Plastizip ® is that we can retrofit existing equipment to easily fit zip containers. Our Plastizip collaborators division produce zip applicators and technologies to provide its services to original equipment manufacturers, processors and bottlers worldwide. Plastizip offers unique advantages, allowing incorporate zip technology without a costly investment in machinery.

There are three ways to enter the market of zip packaging:

New equipment:

maquina nueva

Buy a new machine.

If you are thinking of expanding production, this may be your best option.




Modify your existing equipment with the most modern application zip systems.
If you want to distinguish your packages on the market without a great additional cost or modifying the existing equipment, upgrade your packaging line.

If you are not planning to increase production, but you just want to add a touch of class to your packaging, making them more attractive, you can benefit from updating your packaging lines. Plastizip offers unique advantages: Allows to incorporate zip technology without an expensive investment in machinery.


Packed by other company:


If what you want is to see from today the zip in your products you can get the image you want, through the subcontract with a packaging manufacturer who has zip technology.



If you trust the brand Plastizip you will see your sales increase. Zip profiles are developed in our production facilities of high technology in Spain, but you can also benefit from our strong international network of stores that assist our international customers throughout Europe and North Africa.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.